Sunday Kat Confessions

Published August 30, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Humans – 😺☕️

I was thinking this morning -(tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it)-

And the humans seem to think confession is good for the soul, so I decided it was time to confess- and then I’m gonna rat out my pals! 

(They’d do it to me)! 

First my confession…(Just one – I’m not crazy)!

   Whew! That feels better! Now to rat out my pals…  


Okay – your turn!!😺  SPILL IT!

🌸 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🌸


44 comments on “Sunday Kat Confessions

  • Shrimp!!! I cannot even imagine sweet gentle loving little Shrimp BITING someone! You did??? *faint* And as I slowly get up off the floor I must tell you I had a dream about you and I am not telling. That’s the cat in me. Sorry. Love, Mom BonZo ❤

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  • Though you do not like the least like him you must be related with my tom. Or maybe you just went to the same school with him. He purrs and purrs – and then he slashes out! Out of the blue sky. He did when young and I slashed back immediately – so he got the message he’d rather not mess with me. But lately, after 9 years of happiness he suddenly tries it again. I won’t have it, needless to say.
    And no, I did not use my full power, just two fingers and not too strong. Enough that he disliked it, not enough to hurt him.

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  • The last time the humans had dinner guests, Roxy sat on one of the empty plates on the table and shed her fur on it… MOL 😉 Happy Sunday, sweet furiend! And good job biting that creepy neighbor!! We’re sooo proud of ya! 😀 xx Roxy & TIgerlino ❤

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  • My cat, Gilbert Grape (aka, Clueless) caught his tail on fire one Christmas. He was “warming” his butt cheeks and had backed up to a lit candle.
    The smell of burnt fur wafted thru the house for days. He sported an Afro-Style tail for months, but only on the underside.
    This was the day he earned the name, Clueless.

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  • I love to ‘bury’ my food bowl still filled with some Fancy Feast using human’s clean laundry or the quilt on her bed. She is sadly not smart enough to understand I am attempting to keep it safe to enjoy later, and has fits claiming cat food is all on her clean stuff and she has to redo laundry.
    What else does she have to do?! She’s slow enough serving my meals, maybe having a bit of stinky goodness on her clean socks will help her remember to put her priorities in order!
    It sounds to me like your human owes you a new bag of treats for running this Neanderthal off, I would lobby for a large reward.

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    • MOL! 😸

      I LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK!!!!!!!!! If I didn’t know Better, I’d think you must be a lovely Tortie girl like me!!!

      I “bury” my Fancy Feast too- my humans laugh and say they’d never put me on a commercial because it looks like I think the Fancy Feast belongs in the litterbox!!! MWAHAHAHA!😹

      And yes, I agree the human owes me a boatload of treats! A fresh whale would be a good start!😺


      • We tortie ladycats are unique, royal beings who deserve and are used to the best. How CATabulous we have another thing in common like ‘burying’ our Fancy Feast!
        Stumped as to why I do this behavior, the human asked a friend cat behaviorist if this meant something specific or was I confused or sending a message I think FF belonged in the litterbox too?! According to this so called human who claimed to be an expert of we felines (I am still skeptical that ANY human could be an expert regarding us) this is a behavior known as ‘caching’ and is an instinct we have inherited from our large wild cat cousins ie.: lions, tigers. In the wild when our big cat cousins catch prey that they may need to set aside to alert others in the Pride about, they will bury the dead catch under bushes, etc. to prevent other hungry predators from seeing, smelling it and then stealing it. Supposedly, we domestic cats are attempting to save our food and/or bowl and keep other cats from swiping it. This can be attempted by either engaging in the simulated act of digging like we do in our litter box, on the surface around our food bowl, actually covering up the bowl with toys, towels, blankets, clothes, or both. I myself do both the scratch/dig motion and take whatever I can find like the humans clothes, etc. and cover the bowl/food.
        This cat expert human told my human that cats who do this are often cats that have been in hoarding situations where they had to fight for the little food with other cats, or cats that have been abandoned alone on the streets left to scrounge for food, had little of it, thus making them protective of their food even after they have been rescued and do get plenty of food. My human says this explains a lot as in my former home a horrible excuse of a human abused me and then dumped me alone to fend for myself. I had to try to find food from wherever I could until one day a kind human found me, fed me and then took me to a rescue where they made me healthy again and arranged for me to adopt a forever human who would care for, feed, and never hurt me again.
        When I chose my human in June 2014 I had been at the rescue overlooked due to my fear of humans and lashing out. My human told me she had fur kids before who had been through similar things as me and she understood I needed patience and love. I decided to give her a chance and approved her by not scratching or biting her like I had others. I made the right choice, as she is kind and the best part a bit docile making her easy to train.
        She says I’ve come a long way although I still am scared of most humans who come to our house and hide. It takes me a long time to trust someone and I am a bit skittish when it comes to loud noises and sudden movements. The human says I am a smart, funny, bossy, and loving girl who is starting to share my true soul self a little bit more each day, and that she sees the longing and desire in me to trust, love and be loved. There are moments I am scared yet my curiosity and longing to trust have me hiding yet watching from a closer spot each time.
        It may take time to trust other humans, but I trust my Mom one and take advantage every way I can to my benefit and demand. After all, it is our duty to have the upper paw and not allow our human to know otherwise! MOL!!


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      • MOL!😸 Right on, sista! PURReach it!! Well, there are a couple of other things we have in common!!

        First, I also was abandoned (with all my 4 brothers and sisters) at a park! The purrson who had us before dumped us there under a bush when we were JUST 9 WEEKS OLD! *(tail FLAP!)*

        Lucky fur us, a very kind lady who lived across the street from the park, took her creatures there to play and heard us crying fur food and trying to find our mommy – and she took us home with her and kept us in her garage (she already had 2 kats)!

        She kept trying to find homes fur us, but she hadn’t been able to and she was about to take us all to the Humane Society when the human’s furiend told her that she needed to come see us (the human’s purrevious kat had had to be put down because he was old and had kidney failure). The human had been heartbroken and depressed fur weeks and she finally agreed to go see the lady who had us – and I saw her and ran to her FIRST before my brothers and sisters could – and I demanded to be picked up and started playing with her long hair and her earrings – and I stole her heart on the spot! 😺

        So she and human #2 took me home (they could only take one of us)- but when the kind lady saw how my human lit up when she saw me, and how she was so happy she cried, she didn’t have the heart to take my brothers and sisters to the Humane Society anymore – she kept them all herself!!

        And I’ve been with them fur 5 years now! And I’m the QUEEN!!👑


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