Creature Feature: Time to finish digging that tunnel…

Published August 28, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends – 

It’s cute little me again! 

Me recovering after a long play session with the human yesterday morning –

It looks like it’s time for me to finish digging that tunnel to Japan…

I heard the humans saying that the littlest Creature (and it’s cohorts in crime) are going to be “paying a visit” around Thanksgiving – (interpretation = declaring war against the KAT)! 😾


Here’s the littlest Creature…he’s only been walking fur a few months and ALREADY he’s gathering his weapons of kat destruction! 

Look at those itty bitty tennis shoes – ready to RUN AFTER MY TAIL! 


And look at that warrior expression – and he’s not even mad! 🙀

And here he’s working on his “cute little baby” look -but he can’t fool me! 

And here he’s watching himself on TV-  and then “helping put things away after dinner”- (interpretation = looking fur something to throw at the kat)!

And then …there’s the CREATURE!


She looks innocent enough (hugging her pink teddy bear from human #2)- but there she is also with her “swimming goggles” on at her swimming lessons – (interpretation = night vision goggles so she can attack Serafina – and ME)! 🙀

And did you see that death grip she has on Serafina’s head!??

And in the next picture she LOOKS like she’s just harmlessly eating her ice cream sundae…. But we kats know that in the hands of a creature, a spoon is a deadly weapon! *tail FLAP!*

And the human caught her on video with Serafina…

Looks harmless right? 

Ha! We kats know better!

*digging tunnel to Japan…*


28 comments on “Creature Feature: Time to finish digging that tunnel…

  • They are very cute humans, you have to admit. Shrimp, do you and Serafina néed a place to hide out? I’ve got an “undisclosed” location that no GPS or cartographer can locate. Telegraph my dog for details.

    P.S. The dogs friendly, the three furballs trained her well.

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  • Serafina looks very content there – she is not flapping her tail, she has her eyes half closed like cats have when they enjoy something – I think Serafina has the creature trained well! No more fear of creature. But the little one … he will have to be housetrained, too!

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  • Uh oh… 🙀Sending shovels your way… Or wait! A flight ticket to Japan might be a better idea! Here you go, sweet furiend! ✈️Or maybe it’s safer to fly to the moon? 🚀 Surely the CREATURES haven’t figured out yet how to get there, right? 😉 Love ya! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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  • Although the creatures are not scheduled to arrive until November my friend, you are right to begin preparation ASAP! The littlest creature may seem small now, but be warned they begin their training early– come November he will be twice as big, knowledgable, and the scariest fact of all: DETERMINED!!!
    I can be there in a flash with sharpened claws and the human’s shovel friend, until I arrive KEEP DIGGING!!


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