Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday 

Published August 9, 2015 by hairballexpress

What a pawsome Caturday I had! 😺 


I taught the human to drop everything and play with me fur the majority of the morning! 

We both had so much fun! 

Here I’m “being coaxed from under the couch” with the ribbons (my FAVORITE THING TO PLAY WITH)!


And here I’m showing those ribbons who’s boss!  
I triumphed!!😺   
But after an hour of constantly whipping those ribbons into submission, I’m Flippin exhausted!

But it was the best Caturday EVER! *purrs*

Have a pawsome Sunday furiends!💜 


13 comments on “Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday 

  • Shrimpie, my love, it looks like you had a thoroughly wondrous morning with your apparently delightful human!!

    Out of curiosity, how old are you? Next Sunday I’ll be 91 of our years and I’m feeling every bit of it! Plus, with our monsoony weather and arguing pressure systems, I feel closer to 910 of our years old! Am I wrong for Wanting to sleep a lot? I lost my dear cousin, Killer, a lovely Panfur girl, she was 18. Another dear cuzin, Babe, is in kitty hospice care for a bad cancer. She’s getting palliative care, too. Maybe their poor tails are weighing on me, but I’m worried that my HuMom might think I’m sick or too old and want to put me down! I don’t really believe she would unless it was obvious I needed it, but I worry, ah well. I love my Mamma and it’s almost embarrassing how much she loves me, so I’m probably worrying por nada!
    I’m sorry. I don’t mean to bawl and caterwaul on your fur, but losing cuzin is so hard!
    Have a lovely week, dear, and thank you for being there!!
    Love, Schrödinger


    • 😿 Oh my kats! I’m so sorry furiend! I know how hard it is to lose a furry furiend – soon (in October)- it will be a year since my Tubster was put down (Feline HIV)🐈, and I miss him so much still!

      I am 5 years old sweetie – the humans adopted me when I was 9 weeks old and have spoiled me rotten ever since.

      Don’t worry about your Mom putting you down, sweet kitty. I can tell she loves you so much there’s no way she’ll part with you anytime soon! And if she had to (because of you getting some disease or something, it would only be do you wouldn’t suffer -and it would break her heart!

      But you’re not done yet sweetie – your human needs you! 💜 Hang in there and remember how much she loves you!👑

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    • Sweet Schrödinger,

      My eyes leaked as I read your comment and I hope you know that your Mommy would never do anything like help you to the Bridge without having a justified, malignant diagnosis from the vet, or as Shrimp said if you were suffering in pain and discomfort. We Mommy’s realize as our fur kids get older they are just like us and often slow down in our activities, begin to have normal aging issues such as stiff joints, etc. Normal aging is no reason to put down our babies just because they are older, and ANY human who does so in my opinion, is a lowlife without conscience or soul.
      So do not worry darling kit, your time here is not over and I am confident your Mommy would be devastated if it were. I hope you can relax and not let these worries stress you, the passing of your cousins is a sad, traumatic experience. I am sorry for your loss, I myself lost my special needs dilute tortie ladycat Ms. Phoebe a year and a half ago to cancer. She was almost 14 in human years and had been my life for 11 of them. I miss her daily and will always keep her in my heart just like you will do the same with your cousins.
      Purrs of love and comfort to you and your family. 💜💙
      Is that you in the photo next to Mommywoman’s username? Tortieshells and calicos are the best!

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  • Shrimp, it is me your fellow tortie Royal ladycat friend Clove– I have survived the monsterous takeover of my home by Hurricane Elena, one aged 14 months no less! I am relieved to report my plan and your pawesome advice worked to keep me safe and be left unscathed by stickiness, tail pulls, and my hearing from shrieks of glee.
    I thank you for your support during this life threatening and most frightening experience, you are a dear friend.
    I now retreat to my favorite abode on the top of the stairs where the window gifts wonderful puddles from the sun, for miraculous survival does require a lot of energy.

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    • MOL! 😹 OH MY FLEAS! I’m so glad you survived the Creature onslaught! That’s amazing!

      I’m so glad my survival skills have helped you!! I’ll always be here fur ya, Clove – keep up the good fight!
      👑 Here’s a crown fur ya! God knows you earned it!!


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