Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday 

Published August 2, 2015 by hairballexpress

Good Morning! 😺☕️ 


This morning you get treated to pictures of cute Little me!  Aren’t you thrilled? 😺

This was me waking up this afternoon after putting my two pet humans down to “read.”  

Of course, that was my way of making them lay down so I could snuggle with them and get cuddles and a belly rub from both of them at the same time!

Besides the snuggles and belly rubs, I knead my paws on their pillow and purr until they both fall asleep…then I get to lay on their head! 😸

I’m a great sleep therapist!

Later, while the they watched a movie, I purrsuaded the human to brush me – (fur the third time today)! Heavenly! *purrs*

Speaking of sleep, I’m late fur my 8th nap and I need my rest fur my 4 am rocket blast! See ya!

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