Creature Feature: Creature takes a licking….

Published July 31, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, I knew it would happen  sooner or later…

I just knew that Serafina would decide someday that she’d had enough of the Creature’s chasing her and take matters into her own paws! 

From what the humans are saying, today was the day! They even got it on video!

I can’t WAIT! 😺 I’m gonna grab some nip and get my fourth bunny slipper on and sit back fur some fun! Watch it with me! 

Well, that Was disappointing! 😾

Maybe the next one will be better…

What the flea!? This isn’t at all what I expected! Flippin humans….

Oh – that’s right – there’s one more! That’s gotta be the one,….

Oh my FLEAS! That’s it! I’m having a talk with Miss Serafina!

                     *tail FLAP!*


18 comments on “Creature Feature: Creature takes a licking….

  • Oh My KATS! Miss Serafina is fraternizing with the “ENEMY”! We’re apalled!! 🙀 This is SOOO wrong… and un-kat-like… 😼😾

    Or hey, maybe we’re having it all wrong and it just means that the Creature was very, VERY dirty and sweet little Serafina – good kat that she is – was cleaning her up in order to make her look semi presentable in case of visitors… MOL 😸😹

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