Not just Tubster Tuesday 

Published July 28, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends!

Today it’s “Not just Tubster Tuesday-” 

Why?  Because I’m a kat, and I flippin feel like it. *We kats like variety – especially the male version!* 😹

I’m waiting…..


They say I could be an Lol kat too- but UnFURtunately, I’d have to wake up…


Beat it, kid – I was here first!


Of course, it didn’t help that the flippin Creature jumped on the thing while Buster was taking his nap…😼


My favorite napping spot is on the book the human’s trying to read – or on the TV – with my tail hanging down the center of the screen….while they’re watching it!😹


And I added a fly to make it an extra special treat! You’re welcome!😹


You just can’t satisfy some people! 😾


Relax – he’s just getting his bag of treats back!

🐭 Memes courtesy of Pinterest & Cheezeburger 🐭


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