More from my family album 

Published July 24, 2015 by hairballexpress

 Good morning furiends!😺 ☕ 

It’s finally FURiday!!!!!!!!!  Time fur you to meet some more of my family….


Felix and Frankie….my cousins on my great, great, great, (not -so -great) Aunt Burrp’s side. Weirdos, dude! They’d fight over whether to fight or not!


Meet  Spunky – the Feline equivalent of the Creature – 🙀 

Smokey – my brother from my 15th  father’s side….he has a talent fur breaking things and shredding curtains and screens. Taught me everything I know! 😺

This is Lynxie – she’s delusional and purranoid. She has an inflated ego and  thinks she’s a lynx. And she has the cattitude to go with it.


Great, great uncle Bozo thinks he’s a business kat. He got sent to the pound once fur “advertising” on the White House lawn. (He’s my hero)! 😺


Meet Trixie – this is “the Judge’s” long lost son. No – seriously – he really is lost – he doesn’t have the brains God gave a flea!😹


This is my cousin, Baby – he’s extra sweet and loving – (especially when there’s tuna involved).


This is Uncle Sam – he was in a kat food commercial once, and no one’s been able to live with him since.


This is Uncle Sam’s girlfriend (#123,680)- I furgot her name. So did Uncle Sam.

Another hero of mine. I learned so much from him about being a respectable kat – His name is “Boss.”


Grandpa Skittles – He just can’t understand why his favorite box keeps shrinking. It may have something to do with the lasagna that comes up missing every Sunday. 😹

🐭 Memes courtesy of Pinterest and Cheeseburger 🐭


14 comments on “More from my family album 

  • Heh…the lasagna…interesting…we always have a case of missing things…like, for example, if we accidentally leave out some milk, a little will be gone by the time we get back…such a small amount you have to really concentrate to see that Tess came along!

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