The Judge, Fairies and the Monster University 

Published July 8, 2015 by hairballexpress

Oh my kats! 

Remember me telling you about “the Judge”- (the kat mob boss)? Well you won’t believe this, but THE CREATURE CAPTURED HIM TODAY!🙀


Here he is – poor guy – thinking his life is just over – how is he going to explain this one? There goes his reputation as a tough kat!

She just swooped right down and grabbed him before he even knew she was there! *shakes head* Poor Judge!

But then….

They went over to the Creature’s house and the Creature disappeared into her room for a suspiciously long time, and when she came out, she had WINGS! 

She purrceeded to tell the human that she wasn’t “Jazlyn,” she was a fairy! 🙀


She was a “scared fairy”….because there (may be) monsters in her room! 

So she tried to hide behind the couch and behind the pillows and then the human began to explain to her that she didn’t need to be afraid of them …because all the “monsters” (who could be in there) – are only student monsters! 😹

And how if she stood up to a student monster and told him, “Are you kidding me!? You aren’t a monster! Give me a break!” 

Those “monsters” would be humiliated and embarrased that they couldn’t even scare a kid – and they’d have to turn around and go RIGHT BACK TO “MONSTER UNIVERSITY” and start all over again learning how to be taken seriously as a monster! 😹


Something tells me the Creature thought the human had just a little too much coffee today! MOL!😸 

But after that…. (you won’t believe this one ) – Appurently the Creature felt emboldened by the fact that she captured “the JUDGE” today – because….then…..

….she captured Serafina too! 🙀

Run fur the hills kats!!!


31 comments on “The Judge, Fairies and the Monster University 

  • OH, Shrimp!!! My Heart truly goes out to you! I hope your human will let you borrow her phone while you hide under the bed. Poor baby! *sighs* I honestly don’t know what to do fur you. I could just give you (((HUGS))) in hopes that will help make your day better. Love, Mom BonZo ❤

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  • OH MY KATS! Did our eyes deceive us or did you just say that “THE JUDGE” got captured by the CREATURE! Are you kidding us???? Is this for real? Has the world suddenly gone crazy or what? 🙀 What the flea has happened to him? How can this even be? It’s so unreal! He has ALWAYS been such a tough kat! And now look at him! The CREATURE has made a laughing stock out of him! Oh my, this is SOOO bad! The only explanation we can think of is that the CREATURE must have put a spell on him or something! 😾 Poor fellow… (*sigh*) Let’s just hope she can’t work her magic on you, sweetie! We’d hate for you to look as defeated as the poor little JUDGE… 😼

    Purrs and tunas to ya! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    PEEEEEEE ESSSSSSSSSS: That monster story was funny! Your human has quite the imagination, huh? 😉 MOL 😹 Too bad the CREATURE didn't buy it… 😸

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  • The JUDGE was captured by that puny hoomin…haha He will be the laughing stalk of the street. Pretty dang hard to scare us after this. Monster university…I like it! The coe kitten next door scares easily, I could use this. Thanks Shrimp.


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  • Poor Judge to be humiliated in front of his minions, he looks like he could use a friend to console him. Perhaps you could help him plot some Creature avoidance and escape techniques Shrimp? You are an expurrt on the subject and species, especially living as a participant observer along side of the little tyke!
    Your human tells great and creative stories to the little cutie so she won’t be scared, Clove the Empress tortie says you should use this information to your advantage by coming up with some stories about how picking up cats can turn one in to monster bait- bait even to student monsters! After hearing this, you, your fur sibs, and all of the cats in the neighborhood would be safe from the little cat catcher. Sharing the story far and wide with cats who also live with creatures could help kitties virtually all over the world! MOL!
    In the mean time keep hiding with Serefina until you both can be assured the Creature is in a spot where she cannot reach any cats, then proceed to tell her the story. Good luck, tortie ladycat power to the rescue!!

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