Tubster Tuesday 

Published July 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Good morning furiends! It’s Tubster Tuesday!🐈

Check out these adorable ginger kats and kittens while you have your coffee and I go greet that delightful little squirrel hanging around outside my bedroom window!😺 


There’s more than one way to keep a kitten out of trouble! 😸


We kats can crash anywhere!


The baby didn’t want his bottle anyway…


Waiting for the chance to swipe at the human’s  long hair….


“Why yes, I am an airline pilot – how’d ya guess?”


“Dude! That pizza’s headed HERE!”


“Finally! The kids can’t get me from up here!”


I could’ve sworn I heard a can opener – you sure you didn’t open tuna?”


“Yes, I know I’m the most handsome kat in the world – please, continue…”


“Oh – my coat? This old thing? It’s just something I threw on in a hurry!”

🐈 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🐈



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