FURiday kat funnies

Published July 3, 2015 by hairballexpress

Yahoooooooo! It’s Furiday! 😺 

 I’ve got a lot of important kat business to tend to today – among other things, I’m going to find that cute little hummingbird that comes hovering just outside the bedroom window every morning to invite me to breakfast. 

It would be a shame to hurt his little feelings….😼 MWAHAHAHA!

While I find my breakfast – uh – I mean, my FRIEND, why don’t you settle back and get ready fur a smile to start your day! 


Far Side comic by Gary Larsen (found on Bing.com)

Geez – all this hunting is exhausting – I think I’ll take a nap first!



🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


10 comments on “FURiday kat funnies

  • I’m not sure if that hummingbird ‘friend’ of yours is going to be too easy to catch Shrimp, those flutterly little birdies are pretty fast! That’s what makes them so fun to watch according to my tortie ladycat Clove. She says she would love to join you, a most accomplished fellow tortie ladycat, and your little ‘friend’ for breakfast anytime. Despite that infamous tortie death glare you torties are so good at giving we humans, I’m afraid Clove will not be doing so anytime soon- especially when the breakfast you ladycats have in mind is your little hummingbird ‘friend’. 😻


    • MOL!😸 Well, he invites me so often, I don’t want to hurt his little feelings -(MWAHAHAHA)!😹
      Your Tortiegirl Clove is purrfectly welcome to join me anytime she wants – we can purractice our “death glare” together! Hehehe!


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