Serafina Sunday 

Published June 28, 2015 by hairballexpress


Today is all about my furiend Serafina!


The human was at the Creature’s house yesterday playing bodyguard to Serafina while the Creature played with her. 

It didn’t take long fur Serafina to figure out that she was safer under the table than out in the open! 😹

Serafina loved the bright sunlight streaming into the kitchen…  

But then… a knock at the door and A package was delivered which Serafina claimed for herself! (That’s my girl)! 😺


UnFURtunately, Serafina coming out from under the table was the Creature’s cue that it was open season on the kat!🙀

Serafina always curls her tail up over her back like a piggy when she’s happy…


The human is always snoopervising when the Creature’s with her…

And then….


It’s back under the table! 😹


16 comments on “Serafina Sunday 

  • It is good that a creature as young as this one is supervised when acting with an animal – especially one as wild as a housecat! Even when this housecat is a very, very gentle and sweet natured one. House cats need some experience and a lot of patience. In lack of experience advice from somebody experienced will be good. And I fear a creature like THE CREATURE needs to learn about being patient. At that age patience is normally not the strong side of a human being. So supervision is necessary. Good to know you can spare your human for Serafina’s sake for a little while.

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