Wordless Wednesday –

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  • That smile on the Creature’s face just melted my Heart and her new friend, looks like she truly is in KAT heaven. Furgive MB for she is not awake yet and the new friend’s name is flown the coop. 😦 Sorry, Shrimp. Another sorry for saying what I did about the Creature. I would just LOVE to scoop her up and bring her home with me. Oops, oh wow, I better but a clamp on my fingers before I get into more trouble with you. *running fast!* See ya! ❤ Love, Mom BonZo

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    • Her kitty’s name is Serafina – and she is (almost) as purrecious as I am! You would just love her -(That’s okay as long as you love ME more)😺

      😼Sooooooooo,…. *(clears throat)*… You say you’d LOVE to take the Creature home with you?? 😺 I’m sure Serafina and I could distract the humans…MWAHAHAHA 😹

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      • *red faced* Seems like today I made a lot of boo boos. *sighs* Life is tough for humans sometimes. As for Serafina, her name came to me about 10 minutes after I wrote my comment. Go figure, right? And I remembered as I was cleaning out the kitty pans. REALLY? So I just wanted to reassure you my brain did wake up, and it did decide to stay today.
        As for this Creature …. I’ve been doing some thinkin’ … perhaps me thinks I spoke in haste. I have um how many wee ones underfoot? And a man human which if you ask me, is as much trouble as all my fur footed ANGELS are. So, to have this Creature, though adorable she is, probably would be not a good idea. Besides, my KATS would be all hiding IF that Creature ever stepped foot in my house. I feel real sorry fur ya, Shrimp. That Creature has an Angelic smile but the HORROR stories you tell us about her, I shudder inside.
        Nope, sorry, Shrimp, my good friend, oh pal. I wasn’t awake, the brain was not even hummin’, yet these fingers I could not stop from making another faux pas. And IF you don’t know what faux pas means, see my post tomorrow. It means MUD ON FACE, HOOF IN MOUTH DISEASE. Yep, sure does.
        Now I bid you goodnight. I truly feel bad for your plight, I really do, but you know, gee, sometimes the tough spots in life is what makes you a better person, in this case, KAT. 😉
        Kisses and whisker tickles, Mom BonZo who is stumbling off to dreamland. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ……


  • I guess Sarafina is becoming part of the family just fine! I’m glad her coming to the family has taken some of the pressure off you to be the only kitty in the house.. Less meow chasing…

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  • Good morning, All!
    The Creature looks quite precious for a change and Serafina is darling, as usual. I just love her tongue sticking out, it looks so cute! Do you make that face too?
    This morning’s picture Array is particularly sweet, thanks, Sweetie!
    Love, Schrödinger

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