Caturday Crazies 

Published June 20, 2015 by hairballexpress



Since the Creature’s been out of school, the human’s been so busy she hasn’t had time to breathe – (good thing I know CPR)! 😹

So, both the human and I have special plans fur her to spoil me royally this weekend – (she just doesn’t know it yet)!

What about you?



🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🐭


30 comments on “Caturday Crazies 

  • Now there is a powerful message about declawing. You know my feelings on that one, Shrimp, or at least I think you do. Again I laughed, as I usually do what I am over here, so I thank you kindly. As for the human being busy, tell her to suck it up and welcome to the human race. HUH! Really? She things she has it over the rest of us all because of a little creature? Really? Not feeling sorry for her at all, sorry, especially because of what that creature puts YOU through! So there! Happy Sunday, Shrimp, which it is at this time of writing, and Happy Father’s Day to the Creature’s Daddy who is safe and sound and well at home. Love you! (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo ❤


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