Wednesday’s List: 

Published June 17, 2015 by hairballexpress

A picture guide – kats vs (dumb) dogs 


You know, a kat could go on all day about why we kats are superior to dogs.  But in the interest of PURRserving my naptime, I’ve decided to keep it short and (not so) sweet! 😸

We wake up our humans so they don’t need those annoying alarm clocks.


Who ever heard of a kat barking all night?


Kats KNOW when breakfast is served!


No self respecting kat would walk around  in a clown outfit!


Need I say more?


It was a stuffed toy, idiot!


Caught again, dummy! 😹


Kats are great at first aid.


Dogs break the rules – kats MAKE the rules!

Any questions?😹

😸 photos courtesy of Pinterest & Cheezeburger 😸


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