Shrimp’s Extreme Workout 

Published June 15, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, the human said I’m “getting fat!”


So, now she’s wanting me to lose weight (and lose this gorgeous body of mine)?  *tail FLAP!*  

 She said she loves me, and she wants me to try this workout  that the Creature’s Mom is doing – (really? HELLO! I’M A FLIPPIN KAT)! 😾

So, I’d better at least flippin try – or I’ll never see my delicious treats again until I do *(pout!)*

So, here we go with my extreme workout-


Geez- I’m flippin starving!


What do you mean I have to do more than one? 


That’s enough of that flippin kat abuse!


46 comments on “Shrimp’s Extreme Workout 

  • I like the paw prints you left on the blue mat… Kats don’t eat sweets, Toonce could lose a pound or so but I don’t have enough life insurance to not give him his yums when he wants to eat.

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  • Let’s talk about this, Shrimp. I see you are using a YOGA mat and from what I know, YOGA is very very good for you. Why don’t you at least give it a try. I promise you that you will be more flexible and more relaxed, so that you can sleep even more. And whey you eat? You won’t gain any weight. Now how about that! So glad you stopped by over at Petals today. I didn’t see you in my reader this morning …. must have missed you. Yes, I still am following. Check. Hmmmm …. Timing must be the answer. I was in YOGA this morning and so I posted late. That must be it. Anyways, so glad we connected today. I do Love you!!! Have a pawsome Monday, Dude! Love, Mom BonZo ❤

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      • Go to and the herbal combination you are looking for is called LIFE GOLD. This stuff rocks, Shrimp! My cats have been on it for ONLY two days and the difference is amazing! Molly (my heart baby) jumped up on the dinner table, a never for her, and she went after my chicken bone! Say what????!!!!! Karma is getting stronger by the minute!!!!! I’m having second thoughts about feeding him anymore cause he really came down on my fingers just now when I fed him. OUCH!!!! Rusty is out of control turning into a klepto stealing anything he can. OMKATS!!! I have been laughing all afternoon. Many of my FLUTD’s have been sleeping down for the count in a deep sleep! They are usually restless. I have the goosebumps!!! I want some of this stuff! I want to know where humans can get this GOLD! Wow! I am SO impressed that I have bumps and tears. I’ve never seen anything like this! And Oh, Cookie, her nose is PINK today after being white for the longest time due to her UTI. I am in KAT Heaven right now. Oh Lord! Shrimp! I am passed the point of happiness right now!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • And SUPERKAT ROCKY!!! He wrestled tough with Whispers today and he did NOT go into an asthma attack as he would normally do. Whispers, one of my FIV+ guys, his coloring is deep today, the best I have seen in a long time. Sassy’s coloring too. The best in a long time. I am overcome with awe, Shrimp!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!

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      • IT IS!!!!!! I thinking of writing a post about this, how close Karma came to really going down!!! OH MY KATS! I am in tears and the relief that I feel, the mountain of stress that has come sliding off my shoulders …. OH!!!!! I am going to sleep SO good tonight!!!!

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      • Shrimp, I got the best night’s sleep last night that I have gotten in weeks. Maybe months. Now see, IF that animal hospital had gotten Karma’s blood and found something wrong and then he was given medicine, would I have found the miracle product on my shelf? Probably not. Everything really does work out for GOOD, even when those circumstances hurt like a big bee sting. I’m keeping a close eye on him today. So far he did eat, but again not enough intake for him. I will give him a bit of a rest, then I will very BRAVELY feed him, purraying I keep all fingers intact! MOL! I even have my sense of humor back! Whew! It went MIA for a while. Hehehehehehe OH THE JOY to laugh!!!!

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      • Sure was, Shrimp. And what I told you was only part of it … Last couple of weeks have been douzies! Sun is shining right now and YES!! I am finally going out to the park to photograph. Oh thank God!!! How I NEED this!!! Love you!

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      • Shrimp, pardon my absence. My Karma has been a one-on-one lately, so I have not been blogging as my per usual. I think he may have the C word, not eating, very very weak, loosing weight. We tried to take him into the vet and a very very bad thing happened, putting Karma under extreme terror and doing a procedure that caused him harm. No blood work was able to be drawn because both of his veins were blown. That is the short story which ends with me being kicked out of the facility for blowing the whistle that what I witnessed was very very wrong. Meanwhile, I had to find another vet because Cookie had a severe UTI. I found one but the tech there gave me a LONG lecture on vaccines, mainly Rabies. I won’t vaccinate my cats due to them being compromised as it is. But at least Cookie got attended to properly there, and I really LIKE this new vet who is very thorough. If I can get around the vaccine issue, I’ll stay. Now back to Karma. I’ve been feeding him to try to keep weight on him. I pulled out a product that was on my shelves yesterday, gave him a dose, and within ONE dose, I saw a MAJOR turn around. Today is the first day in months I have seen Karma eat with gusto, not his usual amount, but still with gusto. So for now he and I are working together, he eating as much as he can and I feed him the rest. Whew! Am I furgiven, KAT? It’s been wild and terrible and scary and shocking and so so sad. But today is a new day, and Karma is looking better and so is Cookie. Now I can breathe!!! ❤ A very pooped Mom BonZo ❤

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      • 😿 Oh Mom Bonzo I’m so sorry!! I’m glad you were able to get Karma to eat though – the human and I will purray fur him and you! I’m so glad he has you! Don’t be discouraged / just live in him and keep doing your best and he’ll be better soon!🌸 💐 🌹 🌻

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      • Shrimp, if he is ill, I am not about to put him through any kind of treatments. I will make the last part of his life as beautfiul and with lots of Love as possible. I am so thankful that the herbal combination I found is helping him. I am ordering some more AND I am giving all my cats this healing tincture. Just to see Karma eat again puts tears in my eyes. I have got to help him gain some weight back. I saw him swipe at Sassy today MOL because she was bugging him, and when I did see, my Heart lept in sheer JOY. I haven’t seen him act like Karma in a very long time!! There is HOPE always. And I don’t quit until I know I have exhasuted all I can do!!! Thank you for the purrayers!!! Thank you SO much!!!! I LOVE YOU! MB ❤

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  • Dude….that was a tough workout! Mom keeps telling me I’m gaining weight. I ignore her…just gimme my beef, woman. I hope I never have to go through this type of torture but I have a very strong feeling my day is coming.



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