Serafina Sunday 

Published June 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Happy Sunday furiends! 

Some of you have been asking about Serafina – so the human rounded up some pictures of her (with the Creature)!


Now just in case anyone’s wondering, Serafina wasted no time in making her purreferences known, and laying down her ground rules. 


She runs the place with an iron paw –

She’s also got them all trained to love on her on demand (“Good kitty!”) 😸 And bedtime fur the humans means it’s time fur Serafina to get belly rubs from Mommy and Daddy at the same time (until they fall asleep)!

Here’s Serafina’s ground rules- (as taught by me):


2.) Thou shalt NEVER allow a dog in the house.

3.) Thou shalt never allow anyone in the house that I do not appurrove of.

4.) Thou shalt spend all thy money on treats, nip, and toys fur me.

5.) The softest blanket in the house shall be mine.

6.) No matter how hungry thou art, thou shalt ALWAYS FEED THE KAT FIRST!

7.) Thou shalt not buy cheap kat food – for in the day thou dost, thou shalt surely die.

8.) Thou shalt not allow a vacuum in the house under any circumstances.

9.) Thou shalt remember that kats don’t do diets- EVER!

10.) Thou shalt always remember these rules and live by them. 😺

Well, now that I’ve got Serafina trained, it’s time fur my nap – all this training is hard work! 

Goodnight! 🐭


33 comments on “Serafina Sunday 

  • LOVE THIS!!! I do have probs with rule number 8. In fact, I MUST run the um machine today …. The fur is getting mighty thick around here! Great pics, Shrimp. You tell that little one the straight dope, making sure she gets lots of NIP. (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo ❤


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