Creature chase 

Published June 2, 2015 by hairballexpress

 Oh my FLEAS! 

The Creature decided it was time to play with Serafina (she had other ideas)-

Here she is in the first picture trying to bribe Serafina to come out from under the bed (unsuccessfully)…


Then when Serafina came out, it was open season!  

Which Serafina seemed to love- (fur a little while)-

So she petted Serafina and Serafina purred and curled her tail over her back (she does that when she’s happy) – and then Serafina decided to go hang out in the window and drool over the birds in the backyard –

Meanwhile, Creature had decided the human needed a doctor (guess who was going to be the doctor)?

The human assured her that a cup of hot tea was all she needed, but the Creature decided the hot tea was just a start – she also “needed” 50 shots!🙀  

  Just look how excited she is to torment the human with “50 shots!” 

The human just wanted to have her tea in peace but that wasn’t going to happen, since the Creature (like Dr. House), was determined to solve the mystery of why the human was losing her voice…. 


And Serafina wonders why the Creature can’t lose her voice! 😹




18 comments on “Creature chase 

  • Oh my, poor, dear, little Serafina! She is a beautiful little girl, but she’s going to have a tough time until she learns to stay hidden for a while, or just decides to enjoy the attention.
    She is a very sweet looking baby, with a dear little face, I hope her temperament is just as sweet, otherwise the Creature will get punctured!
    Someone before me said it best, the focus is off you, you must be so relieved!

    Love & Kitty Kisses!

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  • My mother used to tell me about the people next door having a little, smart dog who took the big, dumb dog for a walk and lost him. (I’m not sure where they found a smart dog.) You and Serafina must be smarter than any dog. Do you have an attic or a basement or shed where you could lose the Creature for a few hours? 🙂

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