Creature Feature: The Watering 

Published May 29, 2015 by hairballexpress


Well, it was a full Creature day and I’m exhausted! 

The human is dang near comatose – from chasing after the Creature and keeping her from chasing poor little Serafina!  

But the human had a brilliant idea fur distracting the Creature from Serafina – she pointed out how hot it was today and said something about the Creature playing outside while she watered the grass. 

The Creature was in her brand new swimsuit before the human could put her tea cup down!
The Creature made the mistake of saying, “You can’t get me wet!”  *runs fur cover*

And BAM! All of a sudden it’s “raining” on the Creature!! MWAHAHAHA!😹 


The Creature decided since it was “raining” all of a sudden, she should get her pony umbrella to “purrtect” herself – 


That didn’t work out so good…😹


Then I peeked in the window, and I saw…..



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