Meet Serafina 

Published May 17, 2015 by hairballexpress


Greetings Furiends! 

This is (going to be) the new addition to our family! The Creature’s parents are in the purrocess of adopting her from the local animal shelter!

She is 2 years old, and the Creature and her parents fell in love with her at first sight!

They haven’t been able to bring her home yet though, because the shelter has to verify with her landlord that they have purrmission to get a kat before they let her go, and the rental office was closed when they got to the shelter.

The Creature (poor little thing) was heartbroken that she couldn’t take her home Furiday – but she decided to just help get the house all ready fur when she comes home.

Meanwhile, Serafina appurently also fell in love with the Creature – (go figure) – and with her parents because they said she kept reaching through the bars of the cage to paw at them, and that she started purring immediately when they came to her cage, and she kept butting their hands with her head!

Well, she captured their hearts and they can’t wait to bring her home. 

They rearranged the house to prepare a special place fur her to be her own special hangout, and bought her a pawsome kat tree, food, treats, toys, the new Seresto flea collar, a kat bed – and a zillion other goodies fur her!

That is going to be one spoiled kat! 😺 

I will post an update when our Serafina can finally come home where she belongs – and then you’ll get tons of pictures! 

Please purray that fur Serafina’s sake (and fur the Creature)- that she gets to come home in the next couple of days!

😺Thanks, Dudes!


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