FURiday Surprise!

Published May 15, 2015 by hairballexpress


Greetings Furiends! 
There will be a new addition to the family tomorrow – and it will brighten things considerably – the Creature’s Mom and Dad are going to surprise her with a new kitty!

Just what the doctor ordered (literally)-

The Creature has wanted a kat of her own fur quite some time now, and her parents have decided it’s time. So after school tomorrow, they are going to take her to choose a kitty fur herself!

It’s good to see the humans happily plotting after all the stress they’ve been through lately, and I’m purrsonally looking furward to checking out the little guy (and training him to be a respectable kat like me).

Of course, the best part is, the humans will be smiling and happy again AND the Creature will have another kat to chase besides me! MOL!😸 

Yahoooooooo! Pictures coming soon!


25 comments on “FURiday Surprise!

    • Why thank you!!😺 We are all excited! They picked out a kitty yesterday at the animal shelter but couldn’t take her home yet – the shelter has to contact their landlord first to make sure they have purrmission to have it! Creatures heart was broken that she couldn’t take it home yet – so they’re just waiting fur the shelter to get the okay then they can take her home!


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