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Deer Furiends – I just want to take a few minutes to let you all know that I love and appurriciate each of you! 

I haven’t been able to follow everyone’s blogs as much as I want to lately, because there has been so many out of the ordinary things happening fur the humans around here and they need me!

The day before the Creature’s Daddy had his heart scare last week, the humans found out that a good furiend of the family in Oklahoma had had a stroke that day and was in the hospital in a coma and wasn’t expected to recover, and was on life support.

He and his wife had opened their home to the human’s daughters on several occasions, and one daughter they had invited to live with them fur a couple of years rent free so she could pay off her debts and save money. 

She became like a daughter to them and even after she got married and moved into her own home, they remained close.

This same couple also opened their home to the humans and the Creature and her Mom and the human’s third daughter when their oldest one got married and they had to go to Oklahoma fur a week fur her wedding.

After returning home from the wedding, thus PURRecious couple also sent packages to the Creature and her parents – on their birthdays and Christmas, and sent packages of books fur the human several times just because the human loves books.

Well, yesterday Bob (the one who had the stroke) passed away. 😿

The humans want Bob and Karen to be remembered fur their loving and giving hearts and all their kindnesses.

The way they treated the humans and their daughters was simply their lifestyle. It’s just who they were. 

Now Karen and her daughter (Amy), who is also a good furiend of the family – are left alone and in shock.

I know I’m just a kat, but I know the humans and everyone who knows them are hurting right now.

And, with the Creature’s Daddy still recovering from his own crisis last week, the news has hit especially hard and the humans are acutely aware of how quickly and suddenly the life of a loved one can end.

So the human has been busy trying to comfort and encourage and spend time with family – and working to give the Creature’s parents some time to themselves and offering purractical help around the house so they can concentrate on being together and healing without worrying about the Creature and other stuff.

That means the kat spends  more time hiding under the bed because the Creature’s here and less time able to follow my favorite blogs. *(tail FLAP)*

I miss every one of you and your blogs, and will read and visit as I’m able to – but just know that you’re not abandoned and the human and I are thinking of you all!🌹

Please take time to express and show your love to your families –(even the difficult ones)- because life can end in a “heartbeat!”

Shrimp (and human).🌹


49 comments on “JUST A QUICK NOTE…

  • We both are for you, Shrimpie dear, and for your human family too. We will keep all of you in our prayers, even the Creatures, and their parents.

    All of our love to all of you.

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  • My Darling Shrimp, you and your human sure have had your share of grief and stress and troubles lately. I am so very sorry to hear about Bob and my Heart really goes out to his family. I understand how much pain is involved when someone we Love goes to the next world. You and your human and Bob’s family are in my Purrayers. May Angels bring comfort to those whose Hearts are literally breaking. Love and (((HUGS))) Amy ❀ ❀ ❀

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      • I understand the feeling of BEing lost. In fact, I have words that I “heard” about the Land of the Lost. I have yet to match images to it. Maybe I will work on that today so that I can post it soon. I am feeling a bit lost today. BIG (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo ❀

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      • That yes, and I am very concerned about Karma. He is loosing weight, seemingly having trouble with eating. He is going in to the Vet for bloodwork on Monday. He is my eldest, 15, and I’ve had him since 6 weeks old. I am just falling apart right now. Sorry, Shrimp. You have enough to deal with. ❀

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      • Oh human! Our God is BIGGER than death, sickness,pain and sorrow! He can deal with it all fur you (and me)- we HAVE to “cast our cares on Him” (as it says in 1 Peter 5:7)- because HE CARES fur us! That’s the ONLY way to have not and peace in the midst of our pain and struggles!πŸ’šπŸŒΉ

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      • I know, Shrimp, I know. I’ve wiped my tears and went into action. Karma seems to have lost the motivation to eat. He comes to eat, smells, eats a tiny amount, then walks away. So, I am now feeding him. I think it is anxiety that is the “problem” because human #2 in this house has been for a LONG while having PTSD episodes …. not purty. I think something for anxiety will help tremendously, and IF there is a dis-ease process going on, his blood tests will reflect this. He does not smell sick. So that is what made me think this is an anxiety issue. He is in his elder years, and darn it, I will do everything I can to make him comfortable and with a happy tummy. I ordered some kitten moist food for added calories that I plan on feeding him too. Whispers, my FIV cat, is also not eating right now (he does this every now and then) so I am feeding him as well. *sighs* If I did not have FAITH, Shrimp, I would have dissolved a LONG time ago. Bless your little Heart for encouraging me. I do LOVE you!!! (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo


      • Thank you!!! Things are looking better today, Shrimp. I’ve fed him twice, and once he ate on his own. Something is going on with his tummy because in feeding him this morn, I fed him too much. He threw up immediately. He had been doing that a while ago, and then I got caught up in busy with others …. but now Karma is my primary concern. Something is going on with either his tummy and or throat. If I need to feed him every day, I will. He LOVES to eat so I will not take that from him. Bless you for listening and Bless you for your Love. Both mean so much to me! Love, MB ❀


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