He’s HOME!!

Published May 11, 2015 by hairballexpress



The Creature’s Daddy came home from the hospital today! It was the best purresent ever fur the humans and the Creature and her Mom! 😺 

Appurently the doctors have decided that though he didn’t have a heart attack (as they said in the beginning)- they are thinking he had a blood clot in his heart (and that it has dissolved).

The Dr. said that it’s not Pericarditis or Myocarditis because the “lining of his heart isn’t damaged.”

However, because of something called “factor 5,” he is more susceptible to blood clots. He is stable now, and will be able to return to work in a week, and will be seeing a hematologist fur further treatment. They will of course, give him meds to PURRvent any further clotting. 

The humans are so thrilled to see him back at home, and smiling, and back to his pawsome self again!

And of course, Creature is on top of the world- (and I’m back to hiding under the flippin dust ruffle)!😾

So it is a pawsome Mother’s day fur the human and Creature’s Mom – and of course fur her Daddy – and they all want to thank everyone who purrayed fur them – and also the Lord fur all the ways He was with them through it all!

Now back to my nap – these humans are flippin exhausting!  *(snore)*


52 comments on “He’s HOME!!

    • I think it is ok to celebrate a committed Dad’s return from the hospital. A mother who would be left alone because a Dad dies would be an unhappy mother, wouldn’t she? So great to hear that he will just have to take some pills. Though – with those pills he will have to be cautious! Can’t have a tooth extracted on the whim, will need to be extra cautious not to cut or wound himself! They will give him some “blood thinning” meds, my grandma took such. Whenever she had a minor surgery she had to end those pills for a while under the supervision of a doctor … No accidents for the Dad – tell him they are strictly forbidden for him now!

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  • Such great news and adorable photos. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    • The humans are still running on auto pilot! Creature’s Mom is overwhelmed – and worried about finances – they both have great,stable jobs and good salaries, but he has lost days last week from strep throat, and the on Friday the heart thing happened – and her can’t return to work fur another week!


  • My dearest Shrimpie!

    Ah, the relief in your home, as well as in the Creature’s, must be nearly palpable! I know iT is here and my Daddy’s Warning was about 11 years ago! I hated every second off that ordeal! Poor Mamma was so scared of losing the Love of Her Life, and my human sibs were truly frightened of losing their ‘Daddy’.
    I know the true Joy that the Creature and the small Creature are feeling with their Daddy home, and the mixed bag of joy that their Mum is also feeling. That’s one relieved family who is well entitled to some quiet, vacation time.


      • Huh!!! How about that? Smarty pants to boot! Go figure! Call me anytime, Shrimp. I’ll see if I can fit you in my shedule though, OK? I have TWO tornadoes next door to me. Whew!!! Sometimes I hide too, especially when I have my camera and am trying to take pics. I’m good at hiding. Hehehehehehe I learned from KATS.

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      • I dress in greens to blend in with the grass. I duck behind bushes. I tread very lightly so as not to call any attention to myself. That little boy though, has eyes that I swear can see through brick. I step outside and I hear his high LOUD voice, “AMY, what cha doin’?” Yiveh! I will be reading closely from now on taking hiding tips from you. I have a BOY tornado who seems to have invisible radar when it comes to me. *sighs* Shrimp, I’m beginning to know how you feel when that GIRL tornado comes blowing in. Gee whizkers! And don’t you dare laugh! How can I concentrate when that tornado is whipping around and asking pesky questions that begin with WHY (yeah a-huh I get that from a THREE year old!) and WHAT, and again BUT WHY? One day he decided to hang on to my tripod to see if he could swing on it. Really? Mom meanwhile is just watching to see what I will do. GROWL! HAIR RAISES ON HEAD! REALLY??? So I very firmly yet gently remove his paws from my tripod saying to him this is NOT a toy. Several times hangingn on, me saying my thing and removing paws, and he finally behaves. *sighs loudly* 😾😑😼

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      • Hmm… Sounds like he and the Creature have been comparing notes! I’ll bet the little rascal hears the shutter on your camera and thinks it’s some super cool spy toy or candy dispenser- I’d buy him a toy one and the next time he pops up in the pansies, I’d give it to him -(with a hairball)- and tell him it only works in HIS house – in his bedroom – with the door locked. MWAHAHAHA!!😹

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      • Oh OH OHHHHHH! Laughing so hard I am snorting!! That little rascal caught me again today (minus camera) as he comes whipping out of his house when he sees me. *sighs* The price I pay to be Loved and adored. Really!

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