Happy Mother’s Day 

Published May 10, 2015 by hairballexpress


The Creature and I don’t usually agree on things as you know –

Mainly because she’s a human tornado who chases me faster than the speed of light, and I’m a kat who wants to flippin be left alone (and admired from a distance of about 100,000 miles away).

But today I agree with her on one thing -(and only one thing)-

And that is that all you Moms out there – human or otherwise – will have a pawsome Mother’s day with nothing to bring you down or make you afraid, and that all your loving care and sacrifices and efforts will be acknowledged and appreciated.

You moms are amazing. 

You constantly care fur those around you, and love your creatures, and purrtect them, and abandon your own needs if necessary, so that your children have what they need….(Except muzzles – I’ll never understand why you moron humans don’t use muzzles fur those creatures).

But anyway, thank you fur all you Mom’s do fur your creatures and the others in your lives. You’re all very special. 

Now meet some other special mothers…



Don’t forget to show your love to your Mother, humans. Even if she’s not purrfect, she still gave you life! *purrs*

Happy Mother’s day!

💜 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 💜


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