Dandy Delectable Delight

Published May 4, 2015 by hairballexpress

Look what my furiend Mom Bonzo surprised me with today! Delicious!!

Petals Unfolding

I was out and about taking photographs of flowers yesterday evening and as I was, I saw scurrying ants both on the ground and crawling on what I was attempting to photograph.  The THOUGHT went through my head, “Now wouldn’t it be nice if just one ant would hold still long enough for me to photograph?”  I didn’t give it another thought, but happily went on my way to find my next Garden Treasure.

While on my knees, getting ready to focus in on a flower, I noticed a dandelion in front of me with what looked like an ANT on it.  Looking closer, sure enough there was an ant, and darn it, if that ant was STILL as if posing just for me.  I did not have my tripod with me at that moment, but I sure was not going to run for it and loose this opportunity…

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2 comments on “Dandy Delectable Delight

  • I’m here I’m here!! I decided to come here before I finished the day, so that I can thank you for this reblog. I know this ant is just a tiny bite, but it is better then nothing. Right? MOL (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo ❤

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