Oh my Flippin FLEAS!

Published May 3, 2015 by hairballexpress


Well, I was having a purrfectly pawsome Caturday – until…

The human got a video sent to her iPhone and had the nerve to listen to it at full volume while I was napping next to her on the bed! 😾 

I was awakened by the squeal heard around the world combined with other baby creatures as the human watched a video of the littlest Creature’s first birthday party!


From the sound of it, the littlest Creature and his zillion Creature furiends were having way to much fun banging and screaming, and eating cake and cookies – (but not saving some fur the kat)!

And not only did he wake me up from my peaceful nap, but LOOK


See? It has a weapon now! 😾


And that’s not all! 

The Creature’s parents surprised it today with a new bicycle – so now that thing has WHEELS!


OH GREAT. Now What!? 


15 comments on “Oh my Flippin FLEAS!

    • Those are Greenies kat treats – they’re formulated to clean teeth and they have chlorophyll in them to freshen my breath – the human was trying to butter me up (it didn’t work)- at least, not till she left the room! 😹


  • Oh My Shrimpie friend!
    As she was reading over my shoulders, Mommy mentioned something about the smallest creature finally getting some hair growing in and want he lucky to be a Ginger, like her!
    Um, Maaam, just’ cuz that small fry has red hair doesn’t mean he won’t grow up to be a weird cat collector! She gets carried away by redheads, just bcuz she’s a smarty pants she thinks all gingers are!
    Anyway, you need to relax, it’s Sunday! You don’t have a creature in your home so you don’t need to panic! Your humans love you, you are ever so lucky…enjoy your day, Dear! I know I am!

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