Thursday (Needing) Therapy 

Published April 23, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends –

It’s almost FURIDAY! But still,….


Sometimes you wake up thinking it’s going to be an ordinary day and then you get news of a furiend who’s hurting – or worse. And sometimes it can’t get worse. 

Today the Creature’s Mom got a call telling her a friend of hers had a “freak accident yesterday,” and was in the hospital brain dead. A couple of hours later he died, leaving behind a wife and a little Creature.

She left work early because she was hit pretty hard by the news, being her furiend was very young, extremely healthy  – and a very good man who adored his wife and Creature.

A couple of hours later after the Creature and her Mom went home, the human got a text from one of her furiends telling her that the son of a mutual furiend was hit by a car and is in critical condition in the hospital.

And, human #2 discovered yesterday that a furiend of his that he worked with a few months ago died from complications of a brain tumor.

So bear with the KAT fur a little bit, because today it’s a little harder to be my cute, furry little self when humans all around me are hurting.

But just remember, we kats are expurrts at love and comfort. 


🐭  Photo courtesy of Pinterest  🐭


43 comments on “Thursday (Needing) Therapy 

  • Oh darling Shrimp that is so awful and terribly unfair..we must grab each moment and take it for a ride..we are sadly never promised hearfelt hugs and purrs sent to all those hurting so badly….seems to be a few around and it really makes you appreciate life..send my love to the creatures mum sweetie…i am off to bed and will send my prayers there way ..loves Fozziemum xxxx ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you sweet human.🌹 No one ever expects “extremely healthy” young people to die (especially when they’re younger than 30)- just because of a weird accident! (NOT a car accident)- it hit her especially hard because he also had a little Creature and it made her think about how crushed she would be if something happened to her and she had to leave the Creature – or worse, is it happened to Creatures’ Dad!

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  • They say fleas come in three Shrimp… I hope both humans know that this too will pass. That does not trivialize the even but puts things in perspective…..

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  • Always so sad when a little creature loses one parent, and the other parent is widowed. One of the big traumas that can occur in a child’s life – one I had to endure as well but I was 12 then, not little. Hope somebody remembers, that a widow needs a social life, too and she does not get excluded from her social circles (as is happening far too often).


    • Thank you sweetie. It is such a helpless feeling – and the humans knew that human #2’s Co worker had the brain tumor – it had been removed and came back. The second time there wasn’t anything else they could do fur him. He had tried to keep working with human #2, but kept losing his balance and having seizures at work – then they let him work less and less and then after a couple of weeks he was just gone.

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  • Oh My God! What tragic news! We’re so very sorry. This is awful. When we read in the post you put up today that your humans are feeling better we thought they had caught a cold or something like that. We would not in the least have expected it to be something as tragic as this. We’re speechless. Life can be so cruel. Our hearts go out to your humans and to the families of those who have passed away. Sending lots of love and healing prayers. (((BIG HUGS))) Roxy & Tigerlino

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  • Oh my precious friend, the tears I just cannot stop for your Heart pain I do feel. Life is just so darn short as it is, and when things like this do happen, it makes it all the shorter and so much tougher. How terrible that bad things happen. I am so so very sorry for all the pain you and your human are in, and know, please know, as I am about in my gardens this day, I Purray for all those humans and furfriends who are hurting in Heart, Mind, and Body. Also, please know, that ALL things really do happen for a reason. You may not see that reason now, nor for a very long time, but there really is a Higher Purpose in all this. Furgive me if that sounds uncaring, but I just wanted you to know, it nonetheless is true. I am already seeing GOOD come from my Heart pain from my Dad’s death not too long ago. Just writing that hurts, yet, I can say to you, I really am seeing GOOD come from this tragedy. I LOVE you, Shrimp! Love, Mom BonZo ❤

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    • Thank you sweetie – there is still no (new) news about the furiends’ son who was hit by the car – and even though we knew that human #2’s Co worker wasn’t doing good, it was still hard to find out he was all of a sudden gone. My human didn’t purrsonally know the young man who had the freak accident and died – but the Creature’s Mom went to school with him and he was younger than she is, so it upset her a lot. It’s just hard for the human to see her hurting so much!

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