Shrimp’s Sunday Selfies 

Published April 19, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends! 


Well, I had a lazy Caturday – and my secret plan to keep the human all to my furry little self worked like a charm! 😹 

The human opened up the windows to listen to the chirping of the baby bluejays that were hopping around in our cherry tree – and I was hoping she’d let me catch them fur her…. But oh no, “leave them alone!” she said. Flippin moron! 😾

So she got her coffee and settled down in the bedroom all set to enjoy the sunshine streaming in and the cheery song of my would – be – breakfast. 

Then I heard the familiar sound of CREATURE FOOTPRINTS HEADED OUR WAY!  *(Darts inside, runs under bed)*

The Creature and its Daddy brought by some strawberry plants fur the human -(nothing fur the KAT)!

*tail FLAP!*

So after the Pink Tornado and its Dad left, I stalked outside to investigate  the “strawberry plants”- to make sure they weren’t some kat trap the Creature had devised….


They looked innocent enough – but they didn’t smell like strawberries at all – I think I’ll have to keep checking those suspicious plants out so I can stay one step ahead of the Creature…

I found a cozy spot in the grass under the lawn chair to play gargoyle fur awhile – just to make sure those “strawberries” weren’t going to jump up and come after me or something, but soon I was getting sleepy. 

So I tricked the human into going inside by letting her know in no uncertain terms that she hadn’t brushed me or given me treats yet (slacker)! 

Then, I waited until she brushed me and feed me treats, and when she reached for her Bible to read while she had her coffee, I stretched out on top of it!! 😹

The moron finally figured out that she wasn’t going to be able to see through me – (and I wasn’t moving), so she finally decided to take the hint and play with me!

When I was ready, I told her to back off and I purrtended to go to sleep (because then she would lay down on her tummy next to me to read -) and of course, my purring put her to sleep!! MWAHAHAHA!😹 


300 points fur the KAT!😸 


36 comments on “Shrimp’s Sunday Selfies 

  • Shrimp, my goodness, you look so soft! I wish I could just bury my head in your belly and head! Great job with the human by the way! You told her, didn’t you? MOL! As fur those strawberries, they are not a trap and when the berries start to grow, (think RED) you will really know the Creature is not about to trap you. Have a wonderful Sunday, Shrimp! I am going back outside to start garden number 8! Whew! Love, Mom BonZo<3

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    • You can bury your head in my head and belly! I won’t even scratch you – I purrromise! The human brushes me every morning and afternoon and while she watches TV in the evening – it’s a ritual we both love! Good luck with that delicious – uh, I mean, LOVELY garden!😸

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  • Hello, my Dear, Dear Shrimpie!!
    Well your ethereal Calico beauty certainly shines through this fine day! Mine does every day so keep at it! Mamma had salmon for dinner yesterday and fed me, too, so I’m especially Lovely today.
    I’m not allowed outside becausE Mamma has seen too many coyote snacking on small critters here in the desert and she wants to keep me. I’ll be 13 in August so I guess she’s doing a good job. She made Dad have a screened in porch built on the front and back so I can go out but not catch nasty suckers nor will carnivores catch me!
    Strawberries make me silly, just like good nip. What’s up with that? Celery does, Too! Weird, huh?
    Well, that’s enough for today. Love you, dearie!

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    • Why thank you my lovely sweetie!💜 Sounds like your human loves you as a much as mine does! I almost never go out, because I want my human with me all the time – so the only time I go out is when she’s outside with me – and if she goes in, I run right behind her! It’s scary out there without her!

      I’ve never had a strawberry before – I’ll have to check them out! Hope to see you tomorrow for my KAT 9 NEWS SPECIAL REPORT!😺


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