Shrimp’s rules fur the discerning kat 

Published April 15, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends and fellow felines! 

  Well it’s already that time of year again; 

You know – spring – when litter after litter of cute, fuzzy kittens are born and immediately look to me (the expurrt) – fur advice in how to be a respectable kat.

So I’m going to share ten of the most important rules that any serious kitten must remember if it wants to grow up to be a gorgeous, loveable, respectable kat like me. 

1.) Always remember dogs are idiots. 


2.) Deny everything!

3.) Never judge a meal by is cover. 


 4.) NEVER bite the fireman – (unless he’s saving the dog). 


5.) Show the humans how yoga’s done.


6.)  Never wait fur those moron humans to do fur you what you can do fur yourself.


7.)  DON’T imitate the humans- (dude –  you could freeze that way)!


8.) ALWAYS remember to shed on the fresh laundry. This is especially important if you have long fur, or if the laundry is dark.

⭐ (Bonus points if it’s a work uniform or something just purrchased). ⭐


9.) NEVER let the Creatures “play doctor” with you! 


10.) Be sure your diet includes lots of fish.


Now that’s not nearly all the rules of respectable kathood, but that’s a good start fur all you cute little Fuzzballs.

Fur now, go pounce on some nip, take a nap, and stay tuned fur part two of Shrimp’s kat rules fur the discerning kat!

🐭  Photos courtesy of Pinterest  🐭


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