FURiday Kat Funnies 

Published April 10, 2015 by hairballexpress


Why, I may even furget my usual purrfect behavior and shred some toilet paper!


Or not…. Well – there’s always the couch…..

Meanwhile, Frankie just howled at me from under the licking room window to come watch the bird channel with him –


Wait just a flea-pickin’ minute dude! I’m no servant kat! Get your own Flippin brewski! *HISS*

I’ll just go visit the KAT next door…..


Uh – weird. He’s having “Mom” troubles again. On to Stripey’s house…


Poor Stripey – should I tell him he’s been staring at himself all this time? Nah –

So, I’ll tell Grumpy about Frankie and see what she says about it…


MOL! 😹 My thoughts exactly! 

So, I’ll cruise on by my favorite pet store and see what goodies I can grab with my purrty green eyes…


Hmmmmm….. Pull tabs? No need fur the human!?? YAHOO! Dang! I furgot the human’s debit card! 😾

I’ll see what my pal Onion is up to…


Uh – Onion? What’s wrong with you! That’s a D-O-G!! Nice name, though!

Oh – hello Office Kitty – what’s wrong?


Oh okay – well, I’ll just be heading home now….. Nice kitty! 🙀

Dude – some kats are just so RUDE! 😾 

🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest  🐭




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