Thursday Therapy 

Published April 9, 2015 by hairballexpress


Greetings Furiends – it’s time fur some Thursday Therapy to keep all you unFURtunate humans from losing it fur another day.

I purrsonally relieve stress by shredding something – toilet paper, the couch, the newspaper, magazines, curtains, money…..

But you humans tend to shy away from those kind of healthy activities (idiots)! 

So since you’re going to try to reduce your stress by weird things like running on a hamster wheel fur an hour, or yelling at some other moron on the highway, or drinking gallons of coffee – here’s a little something to give you some other ideas;


You can always try spying on the neighbors – why should the government have all the fun?


You could also find a new use fur that hamster wheel…


Maybe if you ask nicely (with an open can of tuna), the kat will let you chase the red dot for fur awhile.


Maybe you just need a more comfy place to sit fur awhile…


Or maybe you need a change in your diet…  

A game of hide and seek can be fun too –


Of course, you could try a new hobby…

Or, if all else fails, you could just decide the heck with it and,…


Become a kat fur a day!😹

            HAPPY “ALMOST FRIDAY!”

  🐣Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheeseburger 🐣


19 comments on “Thursday Therapy 

  • Hehehehe, so funny! But did you see the look on that dog’s face? We’re not sure it would be fun to play hide and seek with that nasty looking fellow… Looks like he’s up to no good… 🙀 But then again, he’s a DOG… so he’s purrobably too stupid to catch us anyway… MOL (*chuckles*) 😹😸

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