Tubster Tuesday 

Published April 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings, furiends!!😺 


Well it’s time fur another episode of Tubster Tuesday! 😺

I know you love cute little me – (I can’t blame you) – but today it’s all about my furiend Tubster. 

All of these ginger kats remind me of him in one way or another – like yoga kitty…

 And sweet little share kitty…

And especially “You’re gonna pay” kitty! 😺 

And cute little mirror kitty!

But especially “smell my feets” kitty! 

Tubster used to lay like this – and show off his pink paw pads!

Tubster also wasn’t impressed with his owners’ intelligence!Mol!😹

And he claimed all kinds of strange things as “his!”

Sometimes he liked having the attention of the camera focused on him. But If he wasn’t in the mood fur it, he’d “reach out” fur the camera and make sure it was clear that he didn’t like it!

And, to Tubster, sleep trumped EVERYTHING!

  BUT, he also had his “off” days!

  Happy Tuesday!

🐣 photos courtesy of Cutest Paw 🐣


23 comments on “Tubster Tuesday 

  • Ahhhhhhh …… The pink feet got me, and the one of the two kats sleeping together who remind me of Karma (an orange and white tabby) who sleeps like that with his Buddy (stuffed pink teddy) and some of the other kats in this house. You are such a good friend to remember your friend who is now smiling at YOU saying thank you, Shrimp!!! (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo

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