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Greetings Furiends –

This is Shrimp coming to you this morning with a special report from KAT 9 NEWS. 

Well furiends, we have some puzzling news to report today. 

Dogs rebelling against owners 

It seems that “Man’s best furiend” has had a change of heart recently, as we’ve had reports of dogs rebelling against their owners –  

No one knows why this has happened – but dogs are challenging their owners at play and in other ways as well –



Could this be some side effect of their flea treatment, or some strange new virus? 

That’s the question experts are debating – but we here at KAT 9 NEWS think it’s just a doggone shame! 😹

And in other news,


Humans are becoming increasingly concerned as more and more kats are being diagnosed with a condition previously reserved fur human creatures only.


However, unlike human creatures, Kats aren’t really bothered by the condition – in fact, we – Uh – I mean, they – actually enjoy it!

And, last but not least – 

Is A.D.D. Transmitted by human creatures?


That’s the latest theory from researchers at PURRnell University.

They tested 600 kats who had been exposed to human creatures fur 30 days at a time, and found that 99.9% of kats who were exposed returned to their staff with signs of Ambition Deficit Disorder – signs including;

  • An irresistible urge to scratch creatures (or dogs – whichever…)
  • Lethargy 
  • Excessive sleepiness 
  • The constant desire to eat 
  • A growng tendency to flap their tails 
  • A tendency to climb drapes 
  • A habit of hiding from any Creature that comes within 50 ft of the house 
  • An addiction to nip. 

Critics who disagree say that these symptoms don’t signal A.D.D. They claim that these symptoms are normal  kat behaviors. 

We here at KAT 9 NEWS, think that’s ridiculous, *(tail FLAP)!* / *(reaches under bed fur nip stash)*

This has been Shrimp reporting fur KAT 9 NEWS. Good Day. 

🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🐭


21 comments on “KAT 9 NEWS SPECIAL REPORT 

  • My cats are all infected. Even the dog gets a case of it from time-to-time. I’m blaming it on the lack of quality entertainment. Fish t.v. was cancelled and then Parakeet World disappeared. I’m adding an extension to the herb garden, fully dedicated to catnip. Maybe the cat antics will get the dog motivated by all the “about to be” craziness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MWAHAHAHA 😹 That will definitely purrvide some entertainment! The human finally figured out why I’m glued to the living room window today – there’s a bunch of baby birds with a nest in the hydrangea bush right under the windowsill where I sit -DELICIOUS!

      Liked by 1 person

  • Those dogs are purobably just trying to be as badass as kats… and failing miserably. MOL 😆

    As for the A.D.D. … hmmm… we kind of show ALL of these symptoms… but if this is some strange new virus it actually is a PAWSOME one we don’t ever want to miss again, hehehe… 😉

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