“Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you’re 100…”

Published April 1, 2015 by hairballexpress

…”But then, of course, you’ll die all of a sudden…”.   – the Creature 


So, today was a day of thunderstorms, and the Creature had to stay inside all day (let us purray)…

 I’m still trying to recover…

I don’t think there’s enough Fancy Feast on this whole PLANET to get me over this one!

You see, after the human picked the Creature up from school, they had lunch and talked about all these different Creature issues and then the human started folding laundry, and all of a sudden BAM! 

The human was whapped upside the head with a balloon sent on a special mission by the pink tornado! 😸

She batted the blatant bobbing balloon back at the Creature (spilling her coffee all over the place at the same time)- and of course, the Creature erupted with hysterical laughter…(dude – I’m so OUTTA HERE)!

All of a sudden the Creatures’ pink missile was flying from one corner of the house to another in a flurry of fists (while the this poor kat trembled under the couch). No doubt they would’ve laughed themselves sick if they’d seen my tail then! 😾 


My poor little tail… 

On and on it went, and the Creature told the human, “Ask me what’s wrong with this balloon and why it keeps coming to hit you on the head!” 

Uh, I’m just the KAT, but I think that’s purrty obvious…

So the human asked – just to see what she’d say.  Her answer was,

“Don’t worry, honey – you’ll understand when you’re 100 – but then, of course, you’ll die all of a sudden!”



15 comments on ““Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you’re 100…”

  • MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ROFL 😆 Oh My KATS! The CREATURE’s quite the funny one, huh? She should become a stand-up comedian… MOL 😉

    And YEP, it’s purrty obvious (to a kat) what’s wrong with that balloon… but knowing the humans we almost fear that it indeed will take them that long to figure it out! It’s scary how slow they are on the uptake, isn’t it? Boy are we glad we’re cats…

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