Published March 27, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends! I’m feeling a little derpy today…


You see, fur the last few days, the Creature has been here all day – (flippin spring break)!😾

It’s been flying around chasing fairies, yanking flowers out of the yard, doing the My Little Pony prance, and – delivering kittens. Yep.

Not just any kittens – Siberian white tiger “kittens”….only one kitten – appurently, “Mommy tiger” hadn’t really planned on having kittens at all.

Not surprising since Mommy Dearest is A STUFFED Siberian white tiger who until this morning was resting peacefully in the humans’ bedroom closet where it has been fur at least a year. (And fur good reason – that thing freaks me out)!


  Behold, the “kitten!”


The Creature made a “crib” fur it from a laundry basket with a sofa pillow and a fleece blankie- (one of MY fleece blankies)! *(pout)*


Then she comforted and brushed “Mama kitty” while the baby “nursed,” and she began to question the human asking, “how do babies get in your tummy anyway? And doesn’t it hurt when the Doctor rips your stomach apart and breaks it in half to get the baby out? And how do they fix you after the baby’s out?”

Seriously? 😹 

The human said, “Ask your Mom and Dad…” 

“But WHY? Don’t you know?” 

*(rolling on floor belly up, purring)* 😹 

“Come on, just TELL ME!” 

*(human suddenly gets an urgent need for a cup of hot tea)* 

Meanwhile, “Mommy kat” buys a ticket fur one to Siberia- and the human decides that’s a great idea…


27 comments on “FEELING DERPY…

  • OMKATS! This Creature and her questions have me on the floor belly up helplessly laughing too. Your poor human! I can understand the need for a cup of tea, yep surely can. The questions the Creaure asks …. WHY? But WHY? Good one, human, when you said ask your parents. Pass the buck … where it belongs. Hehehehehehehe Darling pictures, though I must admit. Sorry, Shrimp. This Creature is something else!! Love, MB

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    • I think if she hadn’t been having to watch the Creature until 5, she may have opted fur something a heck of a lot stronger than hot tea!! Mol! 😹
      You should have seen her face! MWAHAHAHA!!
      Glad you like the pictures – want it? I’ll gift wrap it! (with Tiger)!! SPECIAL! 😺

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      • *shocked face* OH NO! Now the Creature is driving your human to drink? Oh, Shrimp, you must, how you must, be extra snuggly to your human. *secretly laughing at picturing human’s face* Oops, sorry, human. Shrimp just brings out the imp in me. You can send the picture UPS unless that is, you have a better way. GRIN!

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      • Can she fit? Ya gotta think from a human’s perspective, Shrimp. Some beds are purty low to the ground. I have one I can barely get my vacuum under. How low is yours? IF it is not too low, then yes, I agree, there is NO excuse why your human couldn’t get under that bed with you to comfort you and keep you company. Agreed?

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      • Do you know anything about dimension, Shrimp? Laws of Physics? If your human’s diagonal width is larger then the space between the bottom of the bed and the floor, or if your human’s girth from belly to back is more then the width made by the bottom of the bed and the floor, your human is not like a KAT wherein she can make herself smaller. Where is your Compassion? *shaking finger at you* Here your human is, desperately climbing the walls all because of THAT Creature, and you are ragging on her for not fittin’ under a bed when MAYBE she just can’t fit? *now shakes head* Where’s your Heart at these days? Hmmmmm …. You are now banned from my flowers until you make nice with your human! *folding arms over chest and tapping foot* I mean it ….. !!!

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  • Snorts and rolls around piggy laughing. I’m sorry for your pain this week with the creature being there. But you to admit that serves your mom right for “the question” coming up. So sweet and hilarious. The stork comes by and magically drops the baby in her lap. Bingo – looks innocent. XOXO – Bacon

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  • Why didn’t the human tell her something like:
    *depends on religious background:* God puts them there with a little help of the parents and they normally come out, when they are ready for that.
    *for less religious background*
    Love puts them there (no, not EVERY kind of love) …
    Yes, I KNOW those things seem to be embarrassing, but – hey, they are part of life and usually kids stop asking questions before it gets too delicate. There are even books around for small children to explain it in a child-appropriate way, so the tender little souls will not get too much information. Of course, those books should be checked first before they are read WITH the child (not by the child alone). No need to show them naked bodies or *gasp* the act itself, yet … They will get to see that soon enough (far too early for the parents).

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  • I am laughing my butt off about the creature asking the humans how the baby gets in the tummy and having them say ask your patents and her reply.
    Thank goodness she is playing with stuffed kitty and leaving you alone.

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