Shrimp’s Grumpy Monday 

Published March 23, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends, Fuzzballs and Fleabags!


Well, it’s Flippin Monday again and already it’s been a rotten morning!

Why? Glad you asked. 

First, I thought I was going to be a good kitty and spare the human that annoying alarm clock going off on her phone at 5:00 am, so I walked across her head and batted her on the nose to wake her up at 3:45 (just to be sure I wouldn’t be walking her up too late).

You would think she’d appreciate that, but oh, no!

She muttered some nonsense about having the day off and just turned over and went back to sleep! 

See, here’s the deal – she may have the day off from the Creature, but she didn’t check MY schedule fur her! 😾

Time to whip out the claws… 

So, I  walked over her head again to the other side and gave her nose a few good nibbles, and she sat up and looked at her phone and went back to sleep – of all the nerve! *(tail FLAP)!*

When she did finally get up – (at Flippin  8:30)- my Fancy Feast was 3 1/2 hours late, she furgot my dish of cream, AND it was past my favorite time to go outside and had started to rain!

Then the moron decided she had to wipe my eyes, clean my ears, clip my claws, and give me a Flippin BATH!

And then the batteries died in my favorite toy, and to add insult to injury she decided to bring out the electronic beast because I “shed too much!”😾


It’s gonna be a long day, human!😾


53 comments on “Shrimp’s Grumpy Monday 

  • That’s it! You just gotta fire this human, Shrimp. Simple as that. And just as I wrote these words I look up and this is what YOU say too? Get out!! Pack your bags this instant and come on over. The front door is open just fur you even though it is so cold outside. See how much I LOVE you??? Poor poor poor baby!! Love, Mom BonZo

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  • Nothing worse than clipping a Kat’s nails… If I gave Toonce a bath, I’d be on a liquid diet following a week in the ICU.. I don’t have enough life insurance.

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  • Yep, this most definitely mean WAR! How dare she neglect you like this! How dare she get up this late! This is outrageous! You could have STARVED!! 🙀 (*tail flaps*) 😾 Well, well, well… looks like it’s time for some shedding / shredding / biting / coughing up hairballs on the expensive carpet / spilling the food / knocking things over / messing up the house… MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Have fun, sweetie! 😉

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