Published March 22, 2015 by hairballexpress

HAPPY SUNDAY, Furiends! 😸 I hope you’re all enjoying your first week of Spring!

Aren’t you loving the weekend? 

The human is feeling better now and spent the day relaxing and spoiling me- I LOVE it when she does that!

Of course, all that grooming and playing has me exhausted, so while she made dinner fur herself and human #2, I swiped her phone so I could purractice my selfies while she was busy – love the timer on this thing!

Of course, I had to purractice the belly shot a few times…(dang I’m cute)! 😸 

And there has to be a shot of me stretching,…


Waking up is hard work – you have to find that purrfect balance of cuteness! 


Oops – I hear the human looking for “her” phone!  Time to look asleep!

Bye fur now! 😹 

53 comments on “SHRIMP’S SUNDAY SELFIES!

  • Shrimp.. You are such a long Kat… Your bathing suit picture i mean bathing pictures show off your calico fur. Im glad human 1 is back on her feet… Hopefully human 2 stood in and fed you..

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      • Yes she does! She used to paint (watercolor and acrylic). Draw with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels – and colored pencils – but she hasn’t had much time or energy fur that since She’s been spending so much time with the Creature – She’s been wanting to find time fur it again,though!

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      • Why thank you! She studied art and design)and graduated) but then the Creature came along, and life got busier- and it’s been a while since she’s spent time drawing or painting! But that is likely to change soon!


      • Good! My son got a Masters in Arts from Rutgers in NJ.. Loves painting.. The creatures coloring seems to run in the family.. Oh the shades of your fur…

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      • Yes -the human put a paintbrush in her hand at 3 years old and taught her as much as she could about using one purroperly – and taught her a little about colors and different kinds of paint – the Creature had fun – but until she’s a little older she’s introducing her to pastels and charcoal

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      • Hehe – it’s hard to teach her too much about painting right now, because all she wants to do now is play with her ponies, chase me, and draw! But the human is delighted that all of a sudden she’s always wanting to draw / so the human is working with her on drawing skills!


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