Sleepy  Sunday 

Published March 15, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, today I’m trying to take care of my sick human, so this is going to be a short post. 

She has barely been able to function today and keeps falling asleep every few minutes no matter what I do, so  I’m taking over and planting her in bed!😾

Sorry  dudes – but the human needs me – meanwhile you can check in on some of my furiends! Back soon!

Have a great Caturday and Sunday, Dudes!

    💚 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 💚


42 comments on “Sleepy  Sunday 

    • Thank you sweetie – The human went to bed at 8:00 last night – that scared me! She NEVER goes to bed before 11:00! So I was careful to Walk on her and trill and lick her face and paw at her face at 3:am just to say hello and get her to play. Fur some reason she didn’t wanna play -weirdo!😾

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    • Thank you human. Last night she scared the fleas off me by going to bed at 8:00! She never goes to bed that early – the moron skipped our evening “spoil the KAT” session – she didn’t brush me again, play with me or chase me – just headed to the bed! Of course at 3 am I reminded her of her priorities by walking all over her (literally)- and licking her face and pawing at her – but she STILL didn’t play with me! Some humans are so Flippin SELFISH!😾

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      • Hopefully that will teach her that she is too old to take care of a young un of one of her young uns – doesn’t that parent of the creature have no gratitude towards their parents and no responsibility towards their own child so that they take care of that young un theirselves? – Your slave has other duties now and has done her duty when she brought up her own child.

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      • Yes -but the Creature’s parents both work long hours Mon.-FURIDAY – and the human is the only one who can take care of her while they’re working. They don’t want her watched by strangers!


      • You know, I was not seriously trying to say something about how the humans organize their lives – I have no say in that, and that is good! I am not boss of their underpants, as a blogger I cherish puts it. I was just (in a fun kind of way) trying to put the cat’s need about that of the Creature. Since I grew up with my grandparents and it was my Grandma who sat with me through measles and rubella I am defo not of the opinion a grandparet should not nurse a sick grandchild!!

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      • Oh I know human!💗😺 It is very difficult on the human sometimes though – but one thing that’s made it harder lately is that the Creatures’ Mom got a purrmotion at work in a financial institution – and her training fur her new job (mortgage loan processor) required her to be at work earlier -which meant the human had to get up at 4:30 so she could be there before the Creature’s Mom had to leave fur work – and also get her ready fur school and take her there! Also the human didn’t have grandparents when she was growing up and when her creatures were growing up there was never anyone to help her and human #2 with them -so she’s glad she can give them some relief!😺

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