Caturday Cattitude 

Published March 14, 2015 by hairballexpress

You know, now I’ll tell you from the beginning that I’m not like this – but some kats I know have a real PURRoblem with cattitude….

Take fur example this dude – I guess the dog should’ve listened while he had the chance!

And then there’s the alien….

Just to be sure you remember, I’m not like this – I’m a sweet, adorable little bucket of love – so I am just baffled by these “cattitude kats!” 😹

Of course, I would never expect my human to drop everything just to meet MY demands…😹 And then…


Aren’t you glad I’m such a sweet little angel? MWAHAHAHA!

Happy Caturday, Dudes!💜 

🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🐭


20 comments on “Caturday Cattitude 

  • MWAHAHAHA!!!!! 😸😸 So FUNNY!!!!!!!!! 😆 Uh… um… we mean… we’re baffled by those cattitude kats too!!! 😾😾 It’s beyond us why they would behave like this! We would NEVER be so naughty! We’re sweet little angels 👼👼 … just like you… MOL 😉

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