Wednesday’s list: Things kats hate 

Published March 11, 2015 by hairballexpress

Just so you humans know, there are a few things we kats HATE.

Here are a few of them:

1.) Complaining when we don’t care to catch mice.

2.) Loud creatures.

3.) Removing us from the computer.

4.) Not letting us watch (whatever).

5.) Telling us to “rise and shine” in the mornings when you wake up just as we’re ready to go to sleep (moron)!

6.) Yelling at us to get out of the flowers- you know it won’t work anyway!

There are obviously more things I will add to this list – (later) – right now it’s time fur my nap.💤 

      🐤 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🐤


30 comments on “Wednesday’s list: Things kats hate 

  • My make cats were great hunters but I learned that Bette likes to play with mice not hurt them to my dismay when the little critter paid us a visit. (Sigh) at least we almost sleep the same hours. Sometimes Bette tells me to come to bed. Great post. The Facebook one shows how silly humans have become.

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    • Hehehe! Why yes – humans are so silly!! 😸 I mean, what makes them think the whole world is waiting with baited breath to learn what they had fur lunch?😹 Glad you enjoyed my post, sweetie – Bette sounds as awesome as I am- you lucky human!💜


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