2015 Kitten Lessons 

Published March 8, 2015 by hairballexpress


I think it’s time to resume kitten classes for all you young baby kats since spring is fast approaching, and many of you look up to me as the PURRfect example of kathood.

Rule #1.) Rules (other than kat rules) were meant to be broken. 

2.) Never appear pleased with the humans’ offerings – (if you act insulted with what they give you, they’ll be confused and will keep trying to improve their offerings)- and, you’re NOT a dog!

3.) Never give in to the flea treatments, claw trimmings, baths and all that other fussing without a fight! If they insist on bathing, clipping and dressing something, refer them to Barbie!

4.) Whatever dogs can do, Kats can do better!

5.) Remember to exercise! 😼

6.) Keep your flippin priorities right!

7.) Be nice kitties and keep the pizza warm fur the humans – (until they pay the delivery purrson – then grab it and run under the bed)!

8.) Always lend a helping paw in the kitchen (especially when the can opener is involved).

9.) Humans love lullabies – always wait til they’ve been asleep fur an hour before you serenade them (loudly)!

10.) If they walk away from it, they want you to have it.


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