Fifty Shades of Stupid 

Published March 4, 2015 by hairballexpress

You know, I’ve been thinking….

I know it’s a dangerous habit – but I do it every now and then, just to show the humans how it’s done.

There are lots of things humans do that I don’t understand – (but then, they are only “human,” poor things).

One thing I’ll never understand is why they have dogs! Here’s an example of what I mean –

Poor teddy bear. *(shakes head)*

Need another example? Okay, just remember you asked fur it!

Hehehe 😹- Seriously – dogs are such idiots! Wait – maybe that’s why the humans like them!?

And I’ll also never understand why they have creatures – (AND DOGS)! 


Everybody knows how gentle we kats are on furniture…

*Photo courtesy of For The Love Of the Dog*

Pathetic creatures, really. 

However, there is one way that dogs show they may actually have a brain after all –

Wonder if being stupid hurts? 😹

⭐Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger ⭐


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