Sunday selfies: New Toy!

Published March 1, 2015 by hairballexpress

Oh my FLEAS! I got a pawsome new toy and I’m loving it! 

It’s called the Glide n’ Seek and the human bought it online from –

Working hard to get that fuzzy thingie out of there…

I got it!!  😺  And I was chomping on that fuzzy thing when the human took it away and put it back in the red dealie  and it immediately started jumping around  again!

Flippin human – now I have to  start all over again!😾


40 comments on “Sunday selfies: New Toy!

  • Wow, what a really cool toy! But that human needs some self control there! HEY! Poor Shrimp worked SO hard to get that thingie out of the thingie, and then you go and put that thingie back in the thingie? What is WRONG with you? Ah, Shrimp, I told you, anytime you want, my front door is open for you. I might even get SUPERKAT Rocky in on this situation to teach your human to keep her paws off your thingie! She did give it to you, right? So why is she interfering? *mad face* HUH! I’m on your side, of course, Shrimp. I hope the situation improves over this day! Love and lots of concern, Mom BonZo

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  • WOW! What a cool thingie! *wewantonetoo* 😺 But what was the human thinking putting your prey back in the red dealie??? Huh? We don’t understand! What’s wrong with her???? Why doesn’t she get the purpose of hunting!? Oh well… you’d better explain the rules to her… AGAIN!!! 😾 (*sigh*)

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