Creature Feature 

Published February 25, 2015 by hairballexpress

The Creature struck early today – and turned my Flippin day upside down while she single – handedly monopolized my humans’ attention fur the whole flippin day!

Looks innocent, huh? Not if you’re the KAT!

The human got her ready fur school and made her breakfast – and after breakfast it was story time.

Then after The Fox and The Hound, it was time to leave fur school.

And after school – OH MY FLEAS! 🙀

She drew an ice cream cone – but I’m PURRty sure that wasn’t on the menu fur dinner!

Well – I’ll just show you the pictures – the human is too exhausted to tell me the story – she just came home muttering something about therapy….?

Poor little horsey…

They’d Better keep her away from MY tail!

What the flea?

Oh great. ANOTHER victim – Oh well, better him than ME!

So the human falls asleep the first time she sits down for more than 3 minutes, and they wonder why I’m addicted to nip! 😹


38 comments on “Creature Feature 

  • OH NO! NOT THE CREATURE!!!!! 🙀 We can’t even look at the cruel things she did to that poor horsie! Thank KATS you’re not a horse!!!!!!! But then again, we almost fear it makes no difference to the CREATURE whether you’re a kat or a horse! She’d purrobably torture you as well if only she were able to get her little hands on you! So you’d better HIDE in a place unknown to CREATURES! Good luck, sweetie! We’ll be thinking of you. 😿

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