Tubster Tuesday 🐈

Published February 17, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends!

It’s time fur another exciting episode of Tubster Tuesday!


Poor Poopsie just can’t lose that last 3 pounds….


Chunky won’t rest until he figures out away to get to those Oreos on top of the fridge…


Trixie saw her owner trying to fit into her skinny jeans – days later she’s still laughing!


APURRently there’s no creatures at Jingle’s house….


Toby knew he was in trouble the minute the human started going through the closets.


Of course, “the Don” didn’t have a choice about the hairstyle the humans gave him at the groomer – so he decided to make the best of it -while he plotted his revenge!


Speaking of revenge…


I think Tiny Tim needs some help…be right back!😸

🐈 Photos courtesy of Cutest Paw 🐈

Cutest Paw app available at the App Store

🐈 Rest in peace, Tubby 🐈


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