Caturday Crazies Valentine’s Day

Published February 14, 2015 by hairballexpress

Happy Caturday dudes! 😺 And Happy Valentine’s Day!


The human had special plans fur today, but that had to be postponed because she hasn’t been feeling good since last night.

I’ve been putting up with her whining – I mean, “watching over her” ever since last night and trying to make her get rest, but she’s so stubborn “dedicated,” that she just tries to keep going unless I Flippin lay down on her face!😾

So since light is making her eyes and head hurt more, I’ve parked on her back and she’s Flippin not getting up until she feels better! 😾

Meanwhile, Happy Valentine’s Caturday!



Have a pawsome day – go chase some dogs, shred some couches, deposit fleas in some cool places, shred toilet paper, take over the resident computers, climb the window screens, and all that other fun kat stuff – then curl up in a box and go to sleep!

A pizza box, PURReferably!






36 comments on “Caturday Crazies Valentine’s Day

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Shrimp, my Bestest Fur Friend in my WP Family. I’m sorry to hear your human is not feeling good …. it sure sounds like a migraine to me, and those are just furrocious! Make sure your “dedicated” human stays in bed with the drapes drawn. Make sure YOU climb those drapes like the good KAT you are. And throw in there, just for entertainment purrposes, clawing the couch. That ought to do it. And yes make sure you sit on your human to keep her still for more then 5 minutes. Love you! Mom BonZo

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    • Yes – I think they are migraines – she doesn’t ever get headaches unless she’s sick usually – but fur the last 3 days the normal cloudy skies aren’t there and it’s bright and sunny – and the minute she goes outside she gets a headache and it hangs around no matter what she does. So I’m parked on her tummy and if she tries to get up, I’ll bite her nose!😾

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