More Candidates from the Kat Dating Website

Published January 28, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, apparently the selections fur a lovely Tortie Kat like me are PURRty weak around here, so I did what any modern feline would do-

I went online to my favorite Kat Dating website- PURRsitively PURRfect.


After the usual nonsense, I mean, introductions, here are some of the candidates who applied fur my paw in “marriage;”


Charlie is just PURRecious, but he’s so young, and I just can’t bring myself to be a litterbox robber.


Geez, they start so young these days….


NOTE TO SELF: send nip and toy mouse. The kid can’t handle the real thing.


Well, now…. 😻


Decisions, decisions…


What the flea!? I DON’T DATE CHICKENS!…..but I might invite him to lunch!


33 comments on “More Candidates from the Kat Dating Website

  • I had a Colonel Cluck who looked just like him. Shrimp I would date that Kat with those tipped ears. As long as you both like string and fast moving red laser dots you will be just fine. Check out Advice to kitten on YouTube.. Sponsored by Friskies

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