Another award fur the kat! THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD!!!

Published January 8, 2015 by hairballexpress



Well, Felines, Furballs, Humans, and Fleabags, I got blessed with a new award a few days ago by my furiend over at

Thank you, Erica Herd! You made my furry little day!🌹

Here are the 3 rules fur accepting this award (purely voluntary)!😺

🌟 Thank the purrson who nominated you by including a link to his/her blog in your response, and display the award logo on your site.

🌟 Nominate 15 other blogs (more or less). Include links to their blogs on your post, and let them know you’ve nominated them.

🌟 Mention 3 things that inspired you this week.

As fur nominations, there are so many Pawsome blogs out there that deserve this award – and choosing who to pass it on to is difficult (especially fur a kat needing a nap)- so here we go:

A few nominations (among the many that deserve this Pawsome award);

πŸ’œ Roxy & Tigerlino @ Purrfect Kitties

Follow their daily adventures, plots and schemes and their new efforts to find a career (besides being adorable)!

πŸ’š Marty the Manx @ Musings by Marty Manx

The blog of the most handsome Manx kat EVER! Check it out dudes!

❀️ Cats at the Bar

Very entertaining, and of course, filled with lovely KATS !
Check it out, dudes- you’ll love it!😺

πŸ’™ Three Cat Yard

Another PURRsonal favorite of mine!

πŸ’š Blind Sighted Felines

Check out this blog about amazing blind kitties and the special PURRSON who is rescuing them and others!

πŸ’œ Also Kindness Blog– a blog dedicated to nothing but acts of kindness- so inspiring and refreshing that the human is thinking of starting a blog like it!

😺What has inspired me this week:

🐾 Those big, fat juicy robins hopping around in my yard….*(chatters)*

🐾 The new pretty bedspread the human bought with the shiny gold threads – *(so much fun to yank out)!*

🐾 The new bracelet the human’s furiend made fur her with the colorful, shiny beads that makes a lovely crinkling noise when she wears it! *(plotting to get my paws on it)*

🌟Concatulations, dudes! Thanks fur making my world a little brighter with your pawsome blogs!🌟

22 comments on “Another award fur the kat! THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD!!!

  • Congrats on this BEAUTIFUL award, sweetie! You totally deserve it as you are a inspiration to all of us! πŸ™‚ And YAHOOOOOOOO!!! 😺 😺 😺 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOMINATING US!! 😺 😺 😺 What PAWSOME news! You’re the BEST! πŸ˜€ Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀ ❀ ❀

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