Creature Feature- SAVE THE PONIES!

Published January 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, fur a day of running from a “tsunami” it’s pretty quiet around here-


Of course, that’s because the human is over at the Creature’s house “helping” the Creature “rescue” all her ponies from a big, mean, TSUNAMI!! And I’m lounging in peace on the king sized bed laughing while they try to avoid “disaster!” MOL!


So “two by two,” the Creature begged the Human to help her get all her ponies, (and puppies, and kitties, and horses, and unicorns) from all over the house (along with their favorite toys, of course)- and rush them to the highest spot in the house so the evil tsunami wouldn’t sweep them all out to sea!


Of course, the way they’re all thrown onto the couch, it kind of already looks like the tsunami hit…(so does her bedroom)!


Of course “the tsunami” only lasted a few minutes, then it was time to clean up the mess and return the animals back to the Creature’s bedroom “to calm down, and get comfortable again,” which was great- until the Creature realized SHE had to return them all!

Then she decided the animals were so traumatized that they were “paralyzed with fear” and couldn’t move.


I’m just guessing, but I’m PURRty sure the human didn’t buy that either…


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