Published January 5, 2015 by hairballexpress

It’s Monday again- and you’re gonna need a boatload of coffee and some smiles to start your day, so here’s some smiles fur ya, but you gotta get the coffee yourself!

So, what is on your schedule today?


Going to the vet maybe?


Going to the office? Don’t be late!


Gonna do something naughty? Careful- you won’t get treats!


Or maybe you’re going to your therapist?


Going to do yoga?


Doing laundry maybe?


Or, maybe you’re going out fur coffee?


Purracticing your FURtography?


Or, maybe you’re one of those “peeping toms!”


Or, maybe you’re training a CREATURE!!

Well good luck dealing with those CREATURES- I’ve got THESE creatures to deal with!


Scary, huh? The littlest creature is getting bigger!


And look at his fancy blue thingie fur hitting the kat! 😾

And then there’s CREATURE #1!


Packing my litterbox and mice- heading to the Bahamas, dude!


28 comments on “MONDAY KATS

  • Boy are those CREATURES growing fast! 😼 And where the heck do they get those dangerous weapons from? And just look at the litlest creature’s face! Already sooooo pleased with himself for having a weapon to hit the KAT with! 😾 You’d better RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN as fast as you can!!!!! 🙀

    (((BIG HUGS))) Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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