More kat rules fur the discerning feline

Published January 2, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings fellow felines- I’m back with more rules fur you guys to follow if you want to keep those humans in line fur the new year….


Rule #1

Don’t tolerate any flippin nonsense about the vet- they do very rude things with those thermometers!


Rule #2

Fur the love of God, try not to see when the humans get their “shower-” it’s very traumatic!


Rule # 3

I know it’s hard to train humans, but immediately train them how you want your love- or the idiots will think you’re easy to please like those moron dogs.


Rule #4

Keep your claws sharpened daily fur such moments as these!


Rule #5

Keep those flippin dogs from licking your face- once that happens, no self respecting kat will come within 10 miles of you!


Rule #6

Don’t play with your food!


Rule #7

Never let them get to you!


Rule #8

Remind them every now and then who’s REALLY the boss!


Rule #9

Don’t take any guff from the other KATS in the neighborhood!


Rule #10

Never let them figure out why you suddenly race through the house at the speed of light at 3 am!

🐟To be continued….🐟

Photos courtesy of Pinterest


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